SAVANNA MARSTON     Plymouth High School '20
I got Honorable Mention for all state and played in the Senior All-star games! my future plans are undecided! I'm most proud of how far my school season got in Playoffs this year, i'm leaving with a great memory of the team. My greatest Lakes memory is getting breakfast with my team this year in Providence!! I love volleyball because I get to use my height as an advantage in the front row! It's such an amazing game, and very different from other sports which is what I love.  My advice to 14s is, if you're not improving, you're getting worse! There is always time for practice!

COACH ALISHA FLANAGAN       Plymouth State University '20

I started my journey at Nute in the seventh grade. I had played soccer my entire life when all of a sudden season got canceled and I needed something to do. Volleyball it is. I instantly fell in love and went on to playing high school, I made JV my freshman year and ended up swinging to varsity halfway through. My junior and senior year I was the starting all-around outside and had two of the most amazing years playing volleyball. Those two years we went undefeated, winning back to back state championships… 40-0. Whatincredible seasons. Going on to Play in college was one of my dreams and Plymouth State made that dream come true. This last year volleyball, my senior year, was the absolute most I could ever ask of a season. I finally got to play with every single one of my sisters on the court. We made it farther than anyone ever thought we could and ended up hosting the championship match on our home court. Although the season didn't end with a win it was probably the most memorable season I've ever had. Something I'm most proud of is definitely making the transition from outside to libero. Lakes Region Juniors taught me that becoming coach was one of the most important things I want to do with my life. I want to inspire young girls to fall in love with the game like I did. I don't know what I'm going to do exactly quite yet however, volleyball will definitely be in my future. Advice that I have for younger players is to never give up and to work hard for what you want. If I had given up every time things got hard, I would've given up volleyball a long time ago.It's worth it, trust me

REBECCA CAMIRE   Belmont High School '20
Some of my volleyball accomplishments include: being a varsity player for the past four years, a captain for two, making second team all-state this year, and playing in the senior all star games. A few school accomplishments include: having high honors all four years and being fourth in my class. 
This fall, I will be attending UNH with a major in Business Administration and planning to pursue a minor in sociology. I also hope to continue playing volleyball on their club team. 
In terms of volleyball, I am proud of making the varsity team since freshman year and having the privilege to be a captain for the past two. In terms of my life, I am most proud of the strong relationship I have with my family. 
My greatest Lakes Region memory was attending the Boston Mizuno Festival two years ago. It was the first time I’d ever been to a volleyball tournament and I can remember standing at the top of the stairs, being amazed at how many courts there were. I loved seeing such a wide range of skill and age. 
I have been playing volleyball since I was five years old - my family would play every Sunday night at a court near my house during the summer, so I have loved the game for as long as I can remember. I love the team aspect - I have always enjoyed playing and working with my teammates both on and off the court. I also love how fast paced volleyball is. You have to be paying attention and watching everything everyone is doing on the court at all times. This is what makes it such an exciting game!
Some advice I would give to younger players is this: play as much as you can. Whether it’s a pickup game with your friends, or a summer camp, or open gyms, take advantage of every opportunity you get. Volleyball is a game that teaches you valuable lessons, life skills, and creates a wonderful opportunity to make lasting friendships.


Hi my name is Haley Treamer. I’m from Belmont, NH and played varsity volleyball there for three years. My junior and senior year I played as their libero, and was named a captain my senior year. This year I was proud to be named to second team all state and was able to play with and against some of the best players in the state. Sadly I won’t be continuing my volleyball career but I am excited to be going to college. 

In the fall I’ll be attending New England College studying psychology. After my four years there I hope to get my masters in school guidance. I’m very excited to see where these next four years will take me and I’m very thankful I’ve played volleyball because I’ve been able to connect with others that have played and are attending NEC.

My greatest lakes region memory was last year. For two years I played with most of the same girls and was close with all of them. Our last tournament was held the day after prom in Plymouth, and I remember waking up tired, getting my stuff packed and driving to the tournament. Cassi our coach has us do a “picture hunt” and we had to take all these different pictures before our next game. It was a really fun day but, I remember crying because most of my teammates were going to be graduating and I didn’t want them to. I learned that it would be okay though, and I’d be in their position next year.

Volleyball has become so important to me. All throughout elementary, and middle I played soccer on club teams all year round. At one point all my friends started playing volleyball so I decided I’d give it a try and from there on it was something I loved. Looking back on everything now I realize I love volleyball so much because of all the people that I’ve met and made connections with. Some of the people I call my close friends would’ve never talked to me if I had stuck with soccer, and I’m very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to play volleyball. 

For all the younger girls playing volleyball know that it could be your last match, or your last time playing, and make sure you put in 100% effort. Also play with heart, if you have a passion and drive you play so much better. Last make sure you thank your Mom, Dad, Grandparents, guardian, whoever is helping you be able to play volleyball because they don’t need to do it. 


Our 27th season!


We are so proud of the members of our club who are seniors!!  Check out the players and coaches who are members of the Class of '20.  Read their words of wisdom and hear about their dedication to Lakes Region Juniors and to our great sport!

EMMA WHEELER​     Inter-Lakes High School '20
1. School/Volleyball Accomplishments: 2019 Division 3 State Champion!!! (and D3 Player of the Year!)
2. Future Plans: Continue my education and volleyball at Connecticut College. I am still undecided on what I want to study. 
3. What are you the most proud of: Setting for a few sets ;)
4. Greatest Lakes Region Juniors Memory: Playing SMASH 18 1's and not losing terribly. (still losing, but not embarrassingly)
5. Why do you love volleyball: Because it's fun!
6. Advice to our 14 year old club members: Be competitive with yourself.

2020 Lakes Region Juniors 18 Gold team seniors Jordan, Emma and Olivia (with Italian exchange student Lada!)

JORDAN INGOLDSBY​    Prospect Mountain HS   '20

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan Ingoldsby and I attended Prospect Mountain High School. I was a 4-year varsity volleyball athlete earning a starting position my sophomore year. Throughout my four years there, our program was turned around to become one of the top D3 teams in the state. I was awarded Most Valuable player as well as being on All state 2nd team both my Junior and Senior years! I have also been lucky enough to be a part of the New England Region High Performance teams for two years, and traveling to the High Performance Championships in Oklahoma and Florida. I am happy to say that I will be continuing my academic and athletic career at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine! 

As an athlete that has had several bumps in the road, I am proud of myself for always pushing through each challenge and pushing myself to be a better athlete and teammate.  I started playing at Lakes Region in 7th grade. I have always had amazing experiences and coaches at Lakes Region! My favorite memory for my time at Lakes would be when I was on 15 Gold and we won a gold medal at the Boston Mizuno Festival. Our team that year was determined, and we fought for every point that weekend! 

 I switched clubs my sophomore year, and I have to say, I wish I stayed at Lakes throughout the entire time, Lakes Region has the values and atmosphere that I always wanted. Volleyball has become a lifestyle for me. When I began to take it seriously in 7th grade, it took over my life, I would practice every day, and always push myself to be better. It has become my way to get away from the craziness of life when I need to. I love that it’s not just a game, but a mindset. When you reach higher levels of the game, the speed increases and you have to have the ability to analyze and predict what the other team might do.  That is my favorite aspect of the game. 

To the younger athletes: Work hard, push yourself, and be determined. Don’t let what some people say fool you, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Volleyball can take you on an amazing journey, let it. Take each and every opportunity it hands you. Lastly, make sure to appreciate every bit of it. Know that the hard practice helped you to improve, work past the game that you lost and win next time. Cherish every second on the court, you don’t know when your season might end. 

MIA SULLIVAN     Plymouth High School '20

1. My senior year I made first team all state and played in the NH vs VT game. 
2.  I am probably going to UNH. 
3.  Being an OEC technician. 
4.  My favorite memories from lakes region were joking and laughing with my team mates on and off the court. 
5.  I love volleyball because it is my passion and something I can put all my focus and dedication towards. My mind is always clear on the court. 
6.  My advice to the 14 year old club members is to never be afraid to make mistakes because you have to to make any progress. Always be aggressive and go for it. 

​​NERVA has cancelled the remainder of the 2020 indoor season. While this is not the way we had hoped our 27th season would end, we understand that it is imperative to protect the health and safety of everyone.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!  

ALLIE RODGERS    Plymouth State University '20

1. As a volleyball player, my biggest accomplishments were becoming a captain for senior year. As well as receiving the coaches award. 
2. I am currently in the process of applying for jobs. I will hopefully be a primary grade teacher for the fall. 
3. I’m most proud of the volleyball players I’ve coached and the growth they’ve made. It’s amazing to see the players improve and also become close friends.
4. A great memory I have is when we had our girls come up with cheers before a tournament. We gave them 5 minutes alone as a team to make their cheers. When Maria and I went back over, they gave us a whole presentation of the cheers, with everyone on the team doing the cheers. The players would call out a play and then all do the cheer. It was the first time I’ve ever seen this group work as a team.
5. Keep trying to improve everyday. You can try things at home to help keep you involved in the game, get creative! Also, always put your team first. The team always comes before yourself. 

OLIVIA DILL​       Winnisquam High School '20

My name is Olivia Dill and I’ve been playing volleyball since 6th grade. I was a four year varsity player at Winnisquam Regional High School. Throughout my four years, I was able to win two state championships (my sophomore and junior years), earn the coach’s award my freshman and senior year, and make Allstate my junior and senior year. 

I plan on attending UNH next year to study political science and continue onto law school to become a civil rights lawyer. I might try out for the club volleyball  team too. One of the things I’m most proud of (volleyball related) was switching positions my junior year to become a setter for the first time at varsity level. That year, we went undefeated and won a championship, and I set the school record for single season assists (550). Although I just started playing for Lakes last year, I’ve made a lot of amazing memories. I think one of my favorite memories would be the first tryout I went to. I had just come from one of the rival clubs, and from a rival school team. I was nervous to be with the girls who had been playing together forever. But the second I walked in I felt welcomed and like I had always been a part of the team!

I have so many reasons that I love volleyball. I love the friends it’s given me, the feeling of family and support on the court (and off), the life lessons it’s taught me, and the joy it brings. The best feeling is when the team gets a perfect pass, set, and kills the ball. We all celebrate together and feel the hype of our teamwork! 

To the new volleyball players, my advice would be to never take anything for granted- any drill, game, team feed, or anything in between. As cheesy as it sounds, it really does fly by. I’d do anything for one last game! And always have fun no matter how tough, or easy, the competition is. I wish you all luck in your volleyball careers and thank Lakes Region for welcoming me with open arms.