Congratulations!  We are so excited to have you as part of our club for the 2020 season.  If this is your first year participating in Lakes Region Juniors, welcome.  You are now part of a family of many hundreds of young women – and their supportive parents! – who have devoted themselves to the great sport of volleyball.  This is our club’s 27th season, and we are proud that many of our alumnae have had great success as high school and college players and eventually as coaches.   We are even more proud that our alumnae are role models off the court as dedicated students and good citizens.  We are counting on you to continue this tradition!

Lakes Region Juniors Volleyball Club expects that all players, parents and coaches will adhere to the highest standards of effort and sportsmanship.  We ask you to abide by the rules of our facility and other clubs’ facilities, to maintain a positive attitude during practices and tournaments, and to give your best effort as an individual and team member. 

Our club will be fielding five age group travel teams and four League teams in 2020.  Our 83 members range in age from 10-18 and come from 24 different area schools and 26 greater Lakes Region communities!  Practices will focus on volleyball skills and teamwork, with the goal of motivating and challenging each player to achieve full potential while having fun playing.  All players will have equal playing time in practices.  Tournament playing time will be based on skill, effort, attitude, practice performance, and the needs of the team, and will NOT be equal.  

The 2020 coaching staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club.  Our coaches hope that parents will introduce themselves soon.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns now or during the season, but we ask you to set up a time for meeting that does not interfere with a team practice or tournament.  We are always happy to discuss a player’s role and performance with her and her parents, however please note that our coaches will not discuss another player’s role or performance with anyone but that player.  

The primary method of communication for this organization is through email, so please make sure that you check your email frequently and if you change your contact information, let us know right away.  Our club website is and this will be the place to go for Lakes Region Juniors information, such as weather-related cancellations and tournament locations and enter times.  There will be team pages on this website where you will find team rosters, news and pictures.  

The decision to travel to any practice or tournament during inclement weather is up to each individual member.  No one will be penalized for not traveling to a practice or tournament during bad weather.  Generally, Lakes Region Juniors will not cancel practices except in extreme weather events. If practice cancellation is necessary, it will be announced on our website by 8:00 AM on Sunday. NERVA tournaments are rarely canceled.  If a tournament event is canceled, you will receive a telephone call from us as soon as we receive the information.

About Us

The Lakes Region Juniors Volleyball Club in central New Hampshire has been a USA Volleyball registered club since 1994.  Hundreds of local girls have enjoyed spirited competition, increased skill development and formed lasting friendships through their participation in the club. Lakes Region Juniors Volleyball Club is a New Hampshire nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting the sport of volleyball.  Our staff members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed to the club. For more information, please contact us: