LRJ COVID-19 Guidelines

Due to COVID-19 we will be requiring:

All coaches to wear a mask at all times. Players are required to wear masks into the building and during times of instruction or non-play. 

We ask that only players and coaches enter the gym. No siblings, parents or others.

Players and coaches will have their temperatures taken prior to entering the gym with the GYC kiosk temperature scanner and required to answer the COVID-19 symptom questionnaire.

If any response is in the affirmative, then the player will NOT be allowed to participate in the event.

No player will be allowed in the gym until they have met the above requirements.

Players are required to have their own water bottle. Use of water bubblers is not allowed. The use of water bottle refill stations is allowed. 

Players may not use any volleyballs until so authorized by their coach. The coach will know which balls have been properly sanitized since their most recent use.


if you have any of the following!

Fever (100.0 or above), Shortness of breath or difficultly breathing, Cough, Chills, Headache, Sore Throat, loss of sense of smell or taste. If you have had any of these symptoms, you should contact you health care provider.
Have you, or anyone in your household traveled overnight to any State outside of New England in the past 14 days? If you have, then you must self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of your return.
Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case or COVID-19?
If you have, then you must self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of the most recent close contact.
Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours?


All Players will be required to wash/sanitize their hands:

Upon arrival.
After any bathroom visit.
Upon departure.

LRJ will provide, and have readily available, hand sanitizer (minumum of 60 percent alcohol content) for coaches, staff, and players.

All players should carry their own personal hand sanitizer.

All volleyballs will be sanitized between each practice session.

Social Distancing

Except during play, all players are to maintain a minimum of 3 feet between themselves and others. This includes team meetings, huddles, and the like.

There will be NO high fives, handshakes, fist bumps or hugs. Each team should be inventive and come up with a way to congratulate their teammates from a distance.

Players should warm-up only with players from their own team; not with players from another team that happens to be in the gym at the same time.

Common areas are off limits. No congregating in the lobbies.


No LRJ teams will travel outside of New England per NH State directives and the 14 day quarantine required upon return.

During matches (tournament play) all spectators will be required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Spectators will remain outside of all playable areas and will maintain a distance of 6 feet from anyone from another household.

An isolation area will be designated in our gyms where any player that does not feel well during practice should go to isolate themselves from the others in the gym.

Please help us to adhere to these guidelines so we can have a safe and fun club volleyball season!  We are so fortunate to be able to continue to play:)