Lakes Region Juniors Volleyball Club

1.  Team tournament assignments are scheduled by the New England scheduler.  There are over 500 teams competing at 60+ sites on each tournament date.  Our club is one of 60+ clubs in New England and our members are part of over 5500 total members registered with USAV in New England.  Let's represent central New Hampshire with class!

2.  Host clubs may share information about tournament formats in advance, although they are not required to do so.  If a host club provides any information, we will forward it to you as soon as we receive it.  Site addresses are provided by the host club.  It is your responsibility to gather travel directions from where you live to the tournament site.  Enter time means the time when teams are allowed to enter the gym.       Competition begins thirty minutes after the enter time.  Please arrive on time at the enter time and immediately prepare to begin warm-ups.

3.  Be prepared by packing up the night before the tournament.  Players will need their complete uniform, sneakers, knee pads and any aids needed such as braces, tape or head bands.  It is recommended that players dress in layers as some gyms are cold, others are hot and most are unpredictable.  Please note that jewelry cannot be worn during competition.

4.  Pack plenty of water, sports drinks and healthful foods to be consumed during the course of the day.  During the tournament, teams will be scheduled to play, to work and to be off on occasion.  There is no lunch break.  We recommend small portions of varied energy food such as fruit, nuts, raisins, energy bars, whole grain cereals, peanut butter, veggie sticks and pretzels.  Be prepared to eat a protein and carbohydrate rich dinner soon after the tournament ends to replenish your body!   

5.  It is our club’s expectation that all full team members will have an opportunity to play during a tournament.  This does NOT mean that every player will play equally.  During competition, our coaches will focus on what is needed for the team to be successful.  They will use their knowledge and observation of their team members to determine who will be on the court at any particular time.  All players are expected to support the team at all times both on the court and from the bench.

6.  Lakes Region Juniors coaches will not interact with parents during a tournament for the purpose of discussing playing time.  This means before, during or after the competition.  If a player wishes to speak with a coach about how they can improve their playing time in tournaments, they should contact the coach by email on the day after the tournament.  We will set up a meeting between the player, the coaches and parents (if requested), with this meeting to occur before or after a future practice session.  This meeting will be for discussion of a player’s role on the team and a skill improvement plan.  It will not involve any discussion regarding other team members and their playing time.

7.  The unique role of the “work team” in JO volleyball is often the most difficult to accept.  We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for any inappropriate interaction or harassment of work teams.  Those who cannot refrain from pestering the work team will be asked to leave the area.  JO volleyball coaches are required to stand with their teams during work assignments and it is expected that they will be diligent about minimizing errors by our young players.  When our teams have a work assignment, all team members are REQUIRED TO STAY until the ENTIRE TEAM has completed the work assignment.